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We Can Help Westland, MI

Financial Assistance Programs

For most folks with modest means, the Westland is a very affordable option.  We can provide you with a through computer analysis of your personal financial situation and how you can afford senior assisted living even though it may seem expensive at first.


For those who need a little help, we pride ourselves on helping find the assistance they may need. The state of Michigan has a wonderful program called MI choice that can assist in paying for care and offset up 40% or more if the cost of living at the Westland house.

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Veterans have a special benefit that can be utilized to pay for care.  $— can be received by a single veteran and $— can be paid to a surviving spouse of a qualified veteran.  For prequalification information on VA aid and attendance please see button below.

For an overall evaluation of your personal financial profile and the potential to use the above benefits the financial spending profile can assist you.  Please click the link below and we can provide you with and full analysis, help you determine which benefit might work for you, and let you know when and how to apply.

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